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The NEW form is pretty easy and quick to fill in, some of it is done for you.

5 Minutes work here gets you automated tweets and roughly 3,000 book page views a month!

Your books need to be at least 20,000 words to be added or an illustrated children's book or an illustrated cookbook. You can contact me at the address below if you need my advice.

If you do need help or assistance you can contact me via a message on my Facebook page at
I am usually around from 7am to 10pm Ict timezone
which is 8pm to 11am EDT
which is Midnight to 3pm GMT
I am sorry for the horrible times I am available but I am visiting a long term friend in NaYaiAm we do hope to be back in the UK eventually but for now I can only apologise.

How To's On ReadersGazette Fanpage
How Authors Fill In The Join Up Form Old Version. Just follow instructions on NEW form
Getting more from your RGMEMBERS page
Getting more from your BOOK page

How To Get Involved with our RSS Feed and Magazine
Magazine and RSS feeds
Once your a member you can ask us to Confirm You Are An Author. When that has been processed you can add all the book you have written without any more delays.

Add your competition by going to Add Competition. Remember only do this if your competition has started already as it will start twittering today!

If your BOOK is FREE or below $4.51 USA or £3.01 UK then add it to our Bargains by clicking Make A Bargain we will then tweet it as a BARGAIN for the time period you have entered this will double your tweets for the book!

Get your BLOG tweeted by adding it to our Blog Portal by clicking Add Blog.

We Are Constantly Evolving Recent additions to our website include the following :-
40 - 50 Book Related Fresh News Items Added Daily.
We Now Have A RSS Feed Going Out To About 40 Feed Syndications.
As Well As Our Newsletter That Is Gaining Subscriptions We Are Branching Out Into Magazine Publication.
It Is Early Days But We Will Reward Authors That Are The First To Sign Up When We Do Begin To Fly.

A Few Other Reasons Each game on your website/blog can have one of your books promoted along with the other advertisers. If you want to take out an affordable advertisement with us then go to our advertising pages to see how little it will cost to advertise with us.

One lucky author each week will see their book as our cover book for the Matching Tiles Memory Game.

Another lucky author will find their book promoted for free in our Newsletter.
By becoming a member and putting our game on your website, you will benefit from the following :-

1... You will have an interactive game on your webpage.
2... Generating the game will improve your search rankings via our meta labels.
3... Your followers and friends can add your game to their pages and thus increase your rankings in search engines
4... Your inclusion into our website will create more social media interaction and meta tags.
5... Your book gets seen whereever your game is played and by visitors to our site in our header advertising and "Have You Read" sections.
6... You can promote your blog and Bargain book with the benefits these sections will bring.

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