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So what was your Christmas day like? Head cold or not, mine was lovely. I decided to wrap up and go to our local community centre, and so glad I did. I came home with my arms full of gifts. People here were walking around the city streets giving people they didn't know gifts. It was AMAZING! 

Now its time to at least try and sell a copy or two of my book.  I'm very glad my life does not depend on it, because I am not a good book sales I mean, why would people buy an ebook when they can get one free. Thing is my WHITE HEAVEN WOMEN story is inspired by a real families history and is well worth the money.  So don't just take my word for it go grab a copy at this link Buy one for your friends and family. 

Some say I write like Catherine Cookson. Well, I dont know about that. I'm not vain enough to agree with them BUT will say I am from as far north in England as she was. Oh, and once I rubbed shoulders with J K Rowling in a coffee shop in Scotland before she was published. (Claim to fame....) She is a really nice lady. 

My publisher has also put my paperback on sale too at CreateSpace here 

Its reduced to 15% using the code in the picture below. Cant beat that price, unless its free and no one gives paperbacks away. Unless they are filthy rich and I am far from that.


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