After binging this Christmas, you need stain removal @JessieBTyson

Ok, so you partied a bit too much and you spilled wine on the rug. You think the stain will not come out with just cold water and a rub. Or maybe you had too much to drink, fell over the dog. In shock, your fur baby peed on your new rug. 

Check out this 101 cleaning tips page and keep it handy because New Years is drawing close and you could erm, trip over the dog again because you didn't have "that" much to drink, right..ha. Or did your large dog deliberately trip you up...or perhaps the neighbours cat pissed your dog off so badly (as cats and dogs do) and they chased each other round the house. Of course, you came off the worse for wear...ha. Whatever your stain story, here is the link. 

I've tried most of these tips and they work!  The best thing is, the ingredients are already in our homes so we don't need to go out and buy expensive cleaners.

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