Séances every night - the Novice shivered in dread...

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Beth screeched with fright.

The passerby continued tearfully, “One woman said her roommate wasn’t in their cell this morning. Then she wept buckets, realizing whose body had been discovered or rather, the pieces of a body. 
The floor down there is drenched in blood and is strewn with half-eaten flesh. Blood, it’s everywhere Patrick, everywhere!”

“Dear God, this place is becoming horrific!”

Patrick turned to look at Beth and said,  “Dinae ye bother aboot this, wee-yun. I won’t let anything bad happen tae ye,” in an attempt to conceal his own fear of the dark forces lurking in the shadows inside Ginns.

Beth gazed at him silently. Her ashen face confirmed her feelings of trepidation.

 Sister Francesca summoned Father McDougal. When he arrived he blessed the woman’s remains and instructed staff to take her to the morgue using empty potato sacks.

Father McDougal must have been blessed with second sight, because he made the two new women, Mary and Linda, clean up the blood splatters on the floors, walls and ceiling before anyone could begin work.

The Father announced at lunchtime, “I will be questioning everyone to discover if anything ungodly has been practised here. The carnage last night didn’t only start last night. Something or somebody brought malevolence in here, and I intend to find out who it was!”

A young novice Sister said, “I’m sure a rabid dog has sneaked in or a wild animal escaped from a zoo. I mean, what else could be responsible for so much carnage Father?”

“You’d be surprised, young Sister,” said father McDougal, with one raised eyebrow and a nod.

 After the floor was scrubbed clean, Sister Francesca and the Novice visited the laundry. They overheard two women whispering about the creepy events during the night, and said terrifying
dark creatures had been floating around the workhouse for weeks. The Novice shivered in dread. 

Sister Francesca asked everyone if they knew who had participated in anything ungodly, like the Ouija board or any form of black magic.

A woman pointed to accusingly at Mary and Linda. “They’ve been holding séances every night since they arrived here a few weeks ago.”

Enraged, Sister Francesca approached the two women, “I insist you stop your black gatherings immediately or you’ll leave Ginns. Matter of fact, I should throw the both of you out right now!”

Mary and Linda bowed their heads as though in shame and followed her orders, knowing there was nowhere else for them to live except a whore house, or the street with the guttersnipes.

 Sister Francesca added, “Everyone who participated in these women’s witchery must take part in prayer meetings instead. This will begin immediately!”

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