WHITE HEAVEN WOMEN began as a true story, then my creative muse took over and would not allow me to write the truth anymore. It is in there, and up to you to decide which part is based on the truth and which is fiction. There is always truth within fiction. One things for sure: the ghosts are blue because of a frightening experience I had when I was a young teenager. 

If you look at other posts on my blog you will find the audio to that true story or you may click here:- YOU TUBE

Meanwhile here is an excerpt:-

Sally wished the psychic hadn't been so bloody vague. She had so many unanswered questions. Lillian held up a small, leather-bound book. "This is Lady Constance's diary." A murmur swept through the room as she pointed to a line in the journal. "Lady Constance wrote here, 'The storm that killed my daughter is a punishment from God because I am not married.'"

Sympathetic moans rose from the crowd.

Lillian took a deep breath. "Back in those days it was taboo to be a spinster with children. Mrs. Madeleine, or Beth as we fondly call her, was born with the palsy, which we now understand could be cerebral palsy. In 1899, the doctors didn't know much about the disease. Beth's disability has left her unable to walk or articulate coherently, hence the reason why I'm here talking to you today instead of her."

All eyes were on Beth as murmurs of concern swept through the room.

"You might be wondering how or why I know so much about Beth's life," Lillian said. "Well, ladies and gentlemen, I know a great deal about her from over fifty journals that her mother had written. Amongst a multitude of subjects, the diaries mention frequent, glowing apparitions that have hovered around Beth throughout her life. These ghostly blue lights have been seen by countless people."

The audience cooed in amazement. A few excited people jumped up and waved their arms in the air, desperate to ask questions. And then Sally noticed Peter Flannigan in the crowd.

Why is he here?

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