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Such a new and interesting concept! Sci-fi is taking over my life at the moment and this one was no slouch in grabbing my immediate interest.

I loved that this book was set in England in the Institute of Psychic Research in London, but amidst all the tales surrounding the Artharian and Excalibur legends. The descriptions of Arthur Merlin's adventures are sometimes written in an almost comic book style with sound effects of his frequent telekinesis feats and teleportations adding drama and action to this well paced Sci-fi book.

The descriptions are well thought out, bringing you right into the action. There are some funny moments, romantic moments and even tear jerking moments as Arthur and Ruth tear about the countryside avoiding CIA and MI6 agents who need them for information and research. Authur mezmerises everyone from Ruth's ex lover to a butch pub brawler demanding displays of magic while on their journey to discover the implications of Arthur's multiple powers. (He has some that he uses for wildly naughty and raunchy episodes during his journey to Excalibur)

Ruth has an agenda all her own, but finding out that the incredible events in her own past are intertwined with Arthur's own makes for a fabulously exciting read. The final few pages and the discovery of Arthur's true calling are incredible (if a bit bloody in places)

Thoroughly enjoyed this very different book. It will keep you interested and intrigued right up until the end. Highly recommend!
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