REVIEW:- 5★ Stars - A haunting tale from start to finish! Review by Arienne St.Claire

REVIEW:- White Heaven Women is a very welcome addition to my growing list of beloved books. Debut author, Jessie B. Tyson makes the reader feel the emotions that the characters were expressing. I found myself shivering a couple of times, and I was even afraid to fall asleep, for fear of having nightmares, which was how the story of White Heaven Women began.

One stormy night, the main character, Sally Witherspane, was having a bad dream which included a red-eyed devil. On the first night that I read this, it was actually raining in our place, much like the rain that Sally had always feared. When I realized this is actually a paranormal novel, I prepared myself for a tumultuous evening. But I stopped at Chapter 3, because I thought I heard something moving outside my bedroom windows. I freaked out! OMG, I thought I could never sleep again. Yes, I was such a coward. Ha! Anyway, the next day, in the afternoon, I continued reading and didn't stop until I was finished.

White Heaven Women is very easy to read and quick-paced. From the moment the author told me of her Audio/Video clip on youtube about the story behind the blue ghosts of Whitehaven, I got intrigued and knew this was going to be a good read. I listened to Jessie's voice five(5) times until I read her book, so her voice was floating in my head while I encountered Sally's nightmares and discoveries. The first part of the book got to me. The retelling of the events that happened a century ago was heartbreaking - the untimely conception of a child, the gossips in the neighborhood, the death of a newborn child, the non-acceptance in the family - all of which were just so sad.

Yet, it was truly a great experience reading a book that talked about reincarnation, love between a mother and a child, the acceptance and abomination of a sickness of a child and the finding of true love. There was character development as the story progresses which was a good thing. The idea of reincarnation was not new to me, as I believe that I was also a "someone" in my past life. Whoever he or she may have been, I think he or she would be pleased to know that I live, lived and definitely will live my life to the fullest.

Kudos to Jessie Tyson for a haunting yet satisfyingly delightful story. I loved the ending, too! You are a great storyteller, your knowledge of supernatural elements in the story were a good concept and it thrilled me to know that it was based on a true-to-life experience. And thank you for taking me to Cumbria, surely it is a magical place; a place I would love to go to in the future. Bravo Jessie, for a compelling debut novel!

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