Peggy Grigowski and "The Sock Stealer"

Peggy Grigowski

My first children’s chapter book; "Anna Meets the Sock Stealer”  was inspired by my oldest son, Anthony. Such a funny story. I was doing laundry and had a basket full of sock and underwear. I was sitting on the couch matching and folding and stacking in piles when I came across one of Anthony’s socks that seemed to be a loner. Of course at this time he was about three year old playing with these little trucks on the floor in front of me and I held up his sock and asked him; where is your other sock? Much to my surprise was his reply; “the Green Monster ate it.”
I recall just looking at him with a straight face that very quickly turned into laughter followed with hugs and kisses. It was from that point on for I would say about two years he blamed everything on the; “Green Monster.” 

So the story goes, since I was a single mom trying very hard to make ends ‘meat’ I became a story teller at night and afternoons and really anything. I always tucked my son in to bed at night with a story and that is when I began really thinking about my stories and making them up. Oh, of course I really began writing poems and little things in third grade but the real creativeness began with my oldest son; Anthony. He was my night and shining amour. He was my reason for working two jobs and trying so hard to do things right. Although I am not sure I always did things right but I sure gave it one hell of a try.

Since the Green Monster was created due to a missing sock and Anthony had said he ate it and his favorite cookies were at that time peanut butter. I had to get creative with the story and add to it. Over the years Anthony became a big brother to J.P. and the story grew and grew. 

When I had remarried I let me then husband read some of my writings. He seemed impressed and he was very encouraging. Gary my hubby had mentioned that I should send the story into a writing contest. So, thus began the search to find TMW, inc. and I submitted, went and enjoyed. I meet so many wonderful people and learned a great deal. I even meet Donald Maass!

My book then titled; “The Sock Stealer” won third place and I was given a certificate and a check for $25.00 which was so neat! I won!! Just like in third grade the poetry contest, I won!

I have continued writing and have expanded my genera to adult fiction and I am also working on my poetry book with my own sketches as well as a bio; which is crazy hard!

I am happy to announce "Anna Meets the Sock Stealer”  is now available! 

The story explains the age old mystery of where did that other sock go and why do they just pop back up in a week or two. along with this my book helps kids to learn a few lessons as well; they will learn in a fun creative way the difference between “stealing” vs. “borrowing”, they learn about having manners and speaking with kindness rather than rudeness. They learn that every one of us are different in lots of ways yet still worthy of being treated with love and care. Everyone id a different color, we eat differently, we do things others do not and its all good!
This story won an award from Tennessee Mountain Writers, Inc. in 2001 & 2003. I couldn’t believe I had won. I feel blessed. This was the second time in my life I had won a contest with my writings. The first was; when I was in the third grade I had a teacher that would not let me do as I pleased and that was a problem. She actually had the audacity to ‘make’ me write a poem for the school newsletter, even set me in the hallway because I argued with her about doing it. Well, there was no way I was writing a ‘stupid’ poem. I just wasn’t going to do it.
So, after I finished writing the poem which I was so kindly instructed to do, I actually won 1st place in the school newsletter. I was so proud! I won. Out of all the kids in my school; Harrington Elementary I was the winner and they published my poem in the four pages 8 x 10 copied from the old time printer news paper. Nothing could have set my eyes to glow any bigger that day!
It was then that I decided that I want to begin a life of writing. I wanted to be an Author! So, thus I began with poems. I still have many of the poems from grade school that I wrote and even a couple little stories. Heck, I even tightened up a story and finished it as a short children’s book titled; “Ralph the Raven."
I enjoyed storytelling and writing little poems and stories. I never really told anyone but rather just wrote them and I tucked them away, until now. Don’t know why I tucked them away, I just did.
I find that now in my life I can have a true inspiring moment in my back yard walking around doing nothing. I love to walk around barefoot in the grass and just talk to God. It feels so right, for me.
For me to win again as an adult just confirmed my dreams of wanting to be a writer and move forward. I have written thus far 7 children’s books; chapter, picture and one YA. I have written 8 adult books, mostly thrillers, and one poetry with my own pencils sketches and one memoir. 
Writing is a must for me, an outlet, a time that I can slip away and be me and not worry about anyone or anything. Writing is my passion!

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