WHITE HEAVEN WOMEN reached # 1 Suspense on Amazon 30th October promo

Mega blessings and a BIG thank you to everyone who helped get the word out for my promo on 29th and 30th October. I could not have got WHITE HEAVEN WOMEN to the number one spot in Amazon Suspense without you, so bless you! 

I couldn't believe it at first, so had to take a snap to remind myself that my debut novel, WHITE HEAVEN WOMEN did reach number one on Amazon because it hadn't fully sunk in...hehe. Perhaps the Blue Ghosts had a lot to do with it hitting number one. Perhaps they haunted people until they downloaded it! lol. So aren't you all glad that my Blue Ghosts are the kind and helpful type and not mean. Perhaps they could be likened to Guardian Angels. I'd love to hear your thoughts are on it after you have heard my TRUE story and read my Fiction novel. I've added a You Tube below the Amazon picture so you can hear to my TRUE STORY about how the BLUE GHOSTS helped me as a young teenager. So please scroll down and listen, if you have not already heard it. 

So without further ado, I must mention that my publisher at Imajin Books is having a $1 off sale at CreateSpace on all Imajin Books titles! 
To get your dollar off WHITE HEAVEN WOMEN, (on Createspace only - Paperbacks) please click here:- https://www.createspace.com/3966486 AND use code HWVDU6SL Hurry over there and grab your paperback copy because the sale ends on16th December 2012!

If you prefer dealing with Amazon (to purchase without the $1 off) then please click HERE and Amazon will direct you to your own countries Amazon! 

Please note: I figure the Blue ghosts are waiting patiently for more people in #India to buy WHITE HEAVEN WOMEN Paranormal Suspense because India can now buy the Kindle edition, yay!

(Please remember to scroll to the You Tube beneath this Amazon picture, thank you)

May the BLUE GHOSTS guide and protect you too!


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