"FATAL ERROR" by Eileen Schuh

Thank you to Jessie B Tyson, my good friend and author of  WHITE HEAVEN WOMEN for hosting me today. 

My new release FATAL ERROR Book II of the BackTracker series is more of a  psychological thriller than a paranormal mystery, like Jessie’s debut novel. But most good stories encompass a variety of aspects of life and FATAL ERROR is no exception.

Although not everyone thinks receiving advice from the forces that power the universe qualifies as a paranormal experience, no one can deny it does qualify as an extraordinary experience with no scientific explanation.  And Katrina, my protagonist, does tap into that power as she wends her way through traumas and toward healing.

“Listen,” the voice of her late grandmother instructs Katrina when no answers seem apparent—when everything she’s wished for is collapsing around her.  “Listen.” 

It’s probably understandable why such paranormal incidents crept into my crime stories. Not just because I’ve had such powerful experiences myself, as most humans have, but because FATAL ERROR, had its genesis in a rather lengthy and intense paranormal experience.

At a very sad and lonely point in my life, the true story goes, Katrina, Shrug, Chad and the other BackTracker characters came to me. First as dream-like characters telling me dreamy stories. But once I laid my fingers on my keyboard, their voices became clear, their stories came alive, their faces became vivid. They dictated their many stories to me over many months. And when the time came that their stories ended and I realized theirs were stories the world needed to read—when that time came, I was advised to research the things they had told me about guns, and gangs, and cops and computers. Because, these were things with which I had little or no life experience.

“Research drugs and life insurance money,” the editors said. “Find out about witness protection, the cocaine trade and bikers. Judges and juries, prosecutors and court rooms. Find out about the cops.”
As check mark after check mark went up beside each questioned fact, when it became apparent that the BackTracker crew had not lied when they’d told me their stories, that they  knew their stuff, that they were credible, believable. That it all could have happened...

When all my research resulted in so very few minor changes to the facts and circumstances of the novels...
When I realized I’d been dictated a series of 7 plus novels about lifestyles, circumstances, technology, crimes, and legalities of which I no experience...

Yes, when that all happened it felt a tad paranormal.

So when one of my editors suggested I ought to confirm if there really was a full moon on the date mentioned in
THE TRAZ...I passed on researching that.  It would just be entirely too freaky if Katrina had been right about that, too.

If you research it, please do me favour...don’t tell me what you uncover. Just write  a paranormal novel about it or something...

“Wise, haunting, deeply moving…unforgettable!”

“Katrina lays old ghosts to rest and tries to find her place in the adult world."

Eileen Schuh is the author of THE TRAZ and FATAL ERROR, the first two books in her crime/suspense BackTracker series. She also wrote  SCHRÖDINGER'S CAT—an adult sci-fi novella.

Eileen lives with her husband in the remote northern boreal forests of Alberta, Canada. Drawing inspiration from the wilderness, she creates entire universes populated with fascinating characters doing intriguing things.

Eileen recently retired from a life of careers that varied from nurse to journalist to editor to business woman. She remains active in her adopted community of St. Paul and basks in the love and loyalty of an entire flotilla of family, friends and fans—virtual, imaginary and real ones.

She invites you to visit her online:


Eileen Schuh: said...

FATAL ERROR is free today on Amazon Kindle. Thanks for hosting me, Jessie!

Jessie B Tyson said...

You're welcome. You have a very interesting new release with FATAL ERROR, Eileen. I'm sure it will make it to the best seller list!