Carla Landreth - Silk Stocking Road

A Little Book With Big Controversy

Carla Landreth
All my books have always been somewhat controversial. I say this with confidence because each time a book came out somebody wasn’t happy. Like for instance when A Politician’s Sin came out everybody in their dog got upset. Why you ask? Well, it seems even though the story was fictional people thought since I used a State Representative’s position it was automatically a slanderous book about our local State Representative. Truth was the book had nothing to do with him, but I had to change my phone number make it unlisted and now every time this poor politician runs for his seat that book rears its ugly head.

So when I pondered about the next book I wanted to write I had no idea the controversy it would bring. Anybody who knows me knows I like twisted tales and when I recalled the time my grandma and her friends were recalling the past about the black man that was hung for a murder they were sure he didn’t commit which resulted in the banishment of black people in the community. Which has resulted in no blacks in the community to this day. I had to find out more.

I wish I could stay this story would be easy to research since everybody knew the tale. I was wrong. Court records were destroyed in a fire and depending on newspaper clippings wasn’t going to be much help either, since they were one sided. So what is a writer to do? This writer took on a task by taking the facts of the case and whipping a marvelous story, which caused it to be burned due to its content and caught film producers attention.

The title of this book is Silk Stocking Road. It is about a Texas Special Agent Cal McKleen is assigned to do the unthinkable; investigate corruption which started with the murder of a teen age girl, Rachel Brock and the death of a young black boy, Samuel Ford—two people he knew very well and at one time was believed to have been a suspect in the death of the young girl himself. Now seventeen years later, Cal McKleen returns to his home to investigate the crime that not only tore his family apart but his own family. Woven around the lives of people who populate this small town are many secrets, a murder that had never been solved, a romance that is rekindled and family matters that need to be settled.

Set in the small town where I grew up, this tale of racism and class of people are brought to head showing us that sometimes the richest person in the world can have a few honest secrets while someone you love and trust can be so deceiving.

This story is a work of fiction it is inspired by factual events. Where can you find this book?

Paper back ISBN 978-1-42-593-751-5
E-Book ISBN 978-1-4649-787-3      

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