One of the 300 unsung heroes of 9/11 Ground Zero K9 team coming here!!!

CHANGE OF TIME. Buster and Cindy's ferry GETS HERE at the Victoria BC downtown ferry terminal AT 2:15. It left USA at 12:45. So if you were planning going to cheer, the ferry arrives here at 2:15pm not 12.45. REALLY sorry for the last minute time mix up.
Now I know about this I just cannot let another day go by without singing my song to the 300 unsung heroes of 9/11 Ground Zero team - the K9 squad!  One of these unsung lady heroes, Cindy Ehlers, is actually in the video below and is coming to our beautiful shores of Victoria via Canadian Customs Friday 5th October at 12:45.  She is driving all the way from Oregon and is bringing "Buster" a special dog with her!  Buster has been given the precious gift of life through kind and generous worldwide donations and will now live out its days peacefully on Sacred Circle Farm in Sooke. (After thoughts) I forgot to add the fund raising link if you'd like to donate to the travel expenses, now for Cindy Elhers the 9/11 handler driving Buster here. (Not the original flight etc. now as things changed fast.) Katy only has $200 in donations. NOT enough to cover gas and ferry ride on the COHO for Cindy Elhers. Please help them or be there and give in person. I will be there with mine.

FYI: Sacred Circle Farm is always looking for volunteers to work on the farm and for any other support you would generously pledge eg: sponsor an animal, give animal foods, help with vet bills, etc.  If you volunteer on the farm I'm sure you'd receive some fresh farm produce to take home as you left.
WARNING..if you love dogs then you'll need your Kleenex to watch this wonderful tribute to those proud unsung hero and then going through the Arch of Honour.  Some of the brave dogs from 9/11 are still alive, though ailing due to inhaling dust from the dross that day. Poor dogs. The handlers wore masks to protect them. Obviously the dogs couldn't, needing to find people still alive in the rubble by using their noses.

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Lori said...

I loved it, what a tribute and the RIGHT to recognition! Thank you,