Thanks to a 9/11 Ground Zero Hero K9 handler, "Buster" is safe in his forever home, yay!

Buster is such a fine dog and he's now safe and sound in his forever farm home, in Sooke Canada! Yay! Here's a picture of the two of them on their first morning together. Not sure if its a kiss he is giving her or a wash :-) Apparently Buster hogged my friends bed all night...along with her two other dogs and umpteen cats...hehe.

WHY the world is going crazy by the needless killing innocent dogs I just don't know! Fear is a strange thing and how its gets there is via the media as they paint large dogs, especially bully breeds as dangerous. Its some of their owners that are dangerous!!! The only thing to be frightened of is fear itself.  Buster is a loving, friendly dog. He's still young at about one and a half to two years of age so a tad jumpy, like human youths as they go through puberty (yeah, you parents know what I mean there eh) But just like any well loved dog, he will soon grow out of it with all the loving attention my friend will give him every day.

All dogs, no. Rephrase, ALL animals crave human love, so please give it to them. They totally deserve it! 
A dog would die for its human companion and all it asks for in return is our LOVE.

Thanks to everyone who helped get Buster safely from Oregon, including everyone who donated their time and money, especially Cindy Elhers - one of the 300 K9 Hero handlers who heard the 9/11 Ground Zero distress call, and who actually drove Buster all the way to Victoria BC from Oregon! Last but not least, the customs officers at the ferry terminal. Bless you! Yesterday was a VERY successful day!

Praises to God that all went well.

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