Thrilling email review of "White Heaven Women" PLUS 18 min Audio

I received a thrilling message today from someone on facebook with comments about my debut novel WHITE HEAVEN WOMEN. The reader has not finished reading my novel yet but couldn't wait to send me a comment. I cannot wait to see if this reader adds this thrilling comment to Amazon, so I post some of it here. Okay, so I'm impatient

"I am reading your book now and am finding it fascinating.  I particularly like how you go back in time and tell the story of the individuals involved and how that family ties into the present day.  It is not just about the presence of spirits, but the story behind those spirits.  Most stories tell only how the spirits appear and how the individual being visited either comes to terms with the visits or gets the spirits to go away, not ever finding out the whys of the spirit’s visit.  

Good work, well done!!  I finished the book I was reading yesterday and then started yours and I am at about 37% housework is really falling behind."

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