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White Heaven Women

Twin sisters reunite through a Past Lives group and discover that love knows no boundaries—not even time.

Beth's past...

Born in England in 1899 with Cerebral Palsy and unable to speak coherently, Lady Elisa Witherspoon (Beth) knows what it's like to suffer. She has survived horrifying atrocities at the hands of her grandfather, who believed her to be possessed by demons. As a young child, Beth is locked in a wine cellar and hidden from the world, with only a strange blue ghost to console her.

Sally's present...

In 2000, Sally, a 29-year-old columnist for West Cumbria's White Heaven Weekly, is assigned to cover a story on a Past Lives group. It is there that Sally meets 101-year-old Beth and is unnerved by a sense of peculiar familiarity. And so she should be. Sally is Beth's reincarnated twin sister Sarah, who died at birth during a roof collapse.

Past lives collide...

The blue ghost is restless. Beth's story must be told, and Sally must do the telling. It is time that the world knows what really happened to the White Heaven Women.

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