Imajin books Twitter buddies

I've decided to post my Imajin books Twitter followers again. I figure if they're nice enough to send me Tweets and be interested in my debut novel "White Heaven Women" then I should thank them properly, and in such a way that it advertises for them and their Twitter/blogs too. Only fair and proper, right? Yes, I'm very kind. :D

Drum roll for ImajinBooks authors on TWITTER:

  • @alisonebruce
  • @AnnaPatricio
  • @AuthorLMurphy
  • @cathyastolfo
  • @cherylktardif
  • @ChynnaLaird
  • @chrisredding
  • @eileenschuh
  • @GloriaFerris
  • @hallilburn
  • @hochj
  • @imajinbooks
  • @KatFlannery1
  • @KennaMcKinnon
  • @laurencestjohn
  • @JessieBTyson
  • @MelodieCampbell
  • @RCMcCracken
  • @ricmrp
  • @SusanJMcLeod
Imajineers, I HOPE I have you all, with no run-aways from another pubber because anything is possible in my life Thanks :)


Eileen Schuh: said...

Thanks, Jessie
Us Imajineers are taking the world by storm...

Jessie B Tyson said...

"We're taking the world by storm?" Oh dear, then I've made a mistake, Eileen, cos I brought pen shaped sticks of dynamite! ha

Thanks for taking the time to post. :)