Excel spreadsheets and publishers edits done, yay!

Sorry I haven't posted for a while. I've been busy doing spreadsheets for employment and publishers edits. Back on board now.

Will post news of my soon to be released novel, "White Heaven Women" when I hear it from my publisher. I can't wait to discover the release date and see its front cover. It will be for sale as an e-book first and then as a paperback later on.

I will be adding more of my lovely Twitter followers to my blog tomorrow. Tonight I am going to have a little fun playing a game on line. I deserve it after working so hard this past couple of weeks!


Cassam said...

Welcome back! I wondered where you had dissappeared to!

Jessie B Tyson said...

Yes, I'm kinda back although haven't returned to Twitter. It's like I fell off the sharpest edge of the earth and landed in Hellsville with a thump. ;)) Been racing around ever since...lol. Are you on FB?

Cassam said...

Hi Jessie, thanks for your comments on my blog I'm really enjoying my new interest in writing. Yes I'm on facebook as Anne Mackle which is of course my real name! Cassam is the name of two dogs I had put together!Lol!! Hope all is well with you and your book is not put on hold too long and you can get back on twitter, you're missed.x

Jessie B Tyson said...

Aww yeah, nice I've been missed. I will be back on Twitter but not at this time. Must attend to other stuff first. Damn fussy lawyers :)

Your dogs are so handsome! I sent you a FB invite. I'm happy you're back to writing! TTFN