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Lillian pointed to a line in the journal and said, "Lady Constance wrote here, 'The storm that killed my daughter is a punishment from God because I'm not married.'"

Sympathetic moans arose from the crowd.



How would you feel if you were pregnant? I'd enjoy reading your answers because certain cultures today still frown upon pregnancy before marriage.

As for me and my culture, well, thank heaven life isn't as harsh now-a-days as it was back in Lady Constance's era in 1899. Most of us have a much freer lifestyle than she did.


Ashley Nixon said...

Oh, I would not feel good. Nope, nope! Mostly, children are something I know I'm not ready for. I want a puppy, lol. That's it!

Jessie B Tyson said...

Hi Ashley. Thank you for taking the time to post a comment on my blog. :)

Yes, in Lady Constance's day it was total taboo to have children out of marriage, and especially one that was born with a disability. How times have changed eh.

Its a puppy for me as well. They're easier to take care of. Plus we don't sign the rest of OUR life over to a puppy, just the rest of its life.

Betty Dravis said...

This takes me back to my high-school days in the forties. Whenever a girl got pregnant, it was all hushed up, with the girl being sent out of town to other relatives or friends to have the baby.

The wealthy in those days, took extended "trips" to Europe or elsewhere... Most often, they adopted the babies out to avoid the "shame." Harsh times for young women who had to grow up too fast.

Times have changed. Thank God.

Hugs - Betty

Jessie B Tyson said...

Times have changed but not everywhere in the world. There are still some country areas and foreign countries where it is still frowned upon.

In 1899 when fiery Lady Constance became pregnant she was shipped off to France, bore twins, one died and her nasty mother insisted she left the surviving baby with the nuns. She didn't and all hell broke loose!