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A slightly longer post today in memory of my deceased sisters birthday today, Friday, 2nd September.
This is another excerpt from Sally's journey through Whitehaven town centre to the past life meeting.


"Just a trick of the light," she said with a huff.

Through the curtain of rain she noticed the town hall clock and then saw a vintage Rolls Royce parked outside the White Heaven Weekly employees' hall. She smiled speculating a celebrity was inside.

But who in the hell would want to visit this remote hellhole?

She galloped up the hall steps and fumbled to find the door handle.
Without warning, the ground shook with a deafening rumble. She turned around and saw smoke soaring up from a massive hole close to the old car.

Bloody heck, that car could've been destroyed. And shit, I could've been hit.

With a mighty push, she flung the door open and bolted inside like a three-year-old filly in season. She ran down the hallway until she found the meeting room. It was dark inside except for three diffused lights on the far side. When her eyes adjusted to the low lighting, she realized the room was jam-packed with people.
"Hello and welcome," said the doorman. "Still stormy out, I see."
Sally answered with a mumble.
"There's one seat left in the front row, miss, on the far end right beside the stage." The doorman pointed out the way.
"Thank you." She stuffed the soggy ticket into the man's hand.

When she found her seat no one had noticed she was soaked except for a wrinkled woman in a wheelchair on the end of the same row. She gave Sally a sympathetic smile. The old woman looked ancient, reminiscent of an Egyptian mummy. Sally cracked a grin in return, more relieved to be out of the wicked downpour than to be friendly.


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