Sally's Nightmare - White Heaven Women - Jessie B Tyson

Whitehaven, Cumbria, England - 2000

... Sally Witherspane spies screaming women racing from a thick fog, their blood soaked skirts trail on the muddy road. A ghoulish creature with cruel red eyes slithers into the walls of an old building. She glances at her own feet and sees a stiff blue skirt touching the top of beautifully beaded shoes.

... The sound of horse’s hooves clip-clop down a cobbled street and the stench of fresh horse manure float in the damp night air. The odour explodes in her nostrils. She can't escape the smell.

... A woman’s voice calls out, “Lady Sarah, it’s late. You’ll catch a chill. Come inside. You don’t want the red-eyed devil to find you and steal you away.”


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Brenda said...

Wow, Jessie. That was very gripping!

Jessie B. Tyson said...

I'm so very glad you enjoyed it, Brenda! More exerts will be posted soon.

Cassam said...

Very intriguing ! I'm really curious now, what happens next?

About Jessie B Tyson said...

Thank you for leaving me a comment. You'll have to follow my blog to read other short excerpts, or wait until my book is for sale to find out what happens next!