"WHITE HEAVEN WOMEN" is fiction, with light and dark paranormal elements. The setting is mostly Whitehaven and surrounding areas in Cumbria, England and begins in the year 1885. It's about three fictional women's life stories spanning more than a century.

In 1899, Lady Constance Witherspoon is forced to marry to give Beth, her baby a name.

Beth has cerebral palsy, except people accuse her of demonic possession when she is a toddler.

Constance's husband Matthew, abandons her for a scarlet woman in 1904. Nineteen year old Constance and five year old Beth, are forced to live in a workhouse. Underfed and overworked, Constance becomes gravely ill and is eventually admitted into an asylum.

Angelic blue spectres help the women and protect Beth from a flesh eating demon that materialises in the workhouse.

Sally Witherspane is adopted as a baby in 1971. She is not only Beth's twin sister, she is also her half sister....


Alison E. Bruce said...

Sounds fascinating Jesse. Can't wait to read it.

Jessie B. Tyson said...

Thank you Alison! Please follow my blog to read short snippets as and when I post them.