Blog goes walkabout

Well, either I'm growing too old for blogging or technology in general, or this site has me going barmy! It has taken me more than an hour to sign into this blog, this was after I'd spent hours trying to find it in the first place. This darn site kept telling me my blog had gone walk about, that it had magically disappeared into the ethers of the world wide spiders web that surrounds our bonnie planet. It wanted me to create a new blog. Hmm. This has happened ever since I set up a new email address on gmail quite some time ago.

You see, this devilish fiend named Blog, wants me to go to my gmail inbox to read email, and I want to visit my blog and post!

(Before you get confused too, I use a different email address for my blog.)

No wonder I cant get any blogging done Do other bloggers out there have similar trouble?

Its oh so simple for you readers, because all you have to do is read. We, the authors and hunters of our blogs, spend hours trying to find it and then another hour or more trying to break into it, with only a keyboard. We don't have the luxury of guns, bombs or even old fashioned spears, we just have a keyboard and soon, busted knuckles as we smash our keyboard throwing it against the wall in frustration. Heck, blogging is like breaking into Fort Knox!

Now then folks, heres something else I discovered tonight too. Apparently, my gmail email address has a blog, as well. It did this all by its little self, without me. Maybe it was my cat? Anyways, this site said I have a car cleaning company. Me? with a CAR CLEANING COMPANY? Ha. The double take I suffered while reading that practically ripped the head from my already whiplashed neck! Gee whizz, I cant even clean my own car, let alone run a car cleaning company.

Darn internet. It has me awake half the night searching for something that it says does not exist, but yet here I am writing this. (Finally) I was going to post something else for you to read, but....

Yeah yeah, its after 1 AM but I was determined to post something before I went to beddy bye byes. I dont know how long it will take me to get into my blog the next time I feel the urge to post. You cant say I don't have stamina. Night, night.

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