New life springs forth at "Our Place" Victoria BC

It's such a long time since I blogged. I've been busy trying to find a job and writing. I can't believe how life grabbed me by the damn throat and dragged me along for the ride!

As a volunteer at "Our Place" in Victoria, I felt a little nervous to be close to two men arguing outside. While they yelled at each other, a mini miracle was taking place--Bridget, a street dog, gave birth to nine puppies under the shelter of "Our Place" forecourt! She had gathered quite a crowd of admirers. Lots of aww's and oooh's were heard above those two damn men arguing, oblivious to this wonderful life blessing taking place. Their yelling didn't sway the momma dog, she got on with the business of bringing life into the world. The "proud grandparent," the dogs loving owner, helped her to clean the pups and move each one from one teat to the next, in rotation. Those nine tiny healthy looking puppies were shiny and new, and have been spoken for already before the first one was even born!

However, they had nowhere to go last night and a storm was brewing. As luck would have it, the young man was given a place to sleep indoors and was allowed to take his newly born family with him. Now they have a warm dry place to sleep until Friday, then he and his young family are back to sleeping on the streets and will be moved along periodically by the police, who are just doing their job and following orders. How would this young man move Bridget and nine puppies with just a back pack and a small box? My heart goes out to them.

Just imagine, these new born puppies first taste of life, freezing in a doorway or under a tree.

The distraught momma dog frantically trying to keep her babies warm and dry.

The young man, who loves his pet so much, gave her his own warm cover to sleep on. And momma dog eats before he does.

It brings a lump to my throat.

Some amongst you might say the SPCA should take the young mans dogs and give them a better home. To the dog owning street people, their dogs are more than dogs, they're their family, their protector, their friend.

Besides, I've read there's an abundance of unwanted pets in Victoria's SPCA. Where? Heck, not amongst many street people who look after their own, like they are their own blood family. Many of them prefer to keep their pet, than live in an apartment without their beloved animal. I commend them, but I couldn't do it myself, I'm a simpering coward. As a senior woman who is used to sleeping in a snug bed, with my two kitties at my feet, I can't even begin to put into words the love these people feel for their four legged families.

The Victoria government must do something. I've seen parents with children living outside in tents. Is this a third world we live in? Why are they building new bridges worth millions of dollars, when there are so many people homeless? Why cant they use this money to build homes for people to live in, not something that looks good for tourists? It's beyond me.

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