A home is found for Bridget, her babies and the young homeless man!

A temporary home has been found for the young homeless man, his beautiful dog Bridget and her babies! People rallied around to help, and now they all have a place to live until the puppies are old enough to leave their mother. This will see them through at least two months of winter. Yay! I will not divulge the area he is living in, but will say they are residing with a family in a house. Thank heavens, because it is snowing right now. I'm sure this young man will get on his feet, when he finds a job and a place of his own to live. Thing is, mostly the places left to rent are either far too expensive or will not allow dogs/cats.

I might be able to post some photographs of Bridget and her babies, soon. :-)

I feel for the people who must live outdoors, suffering the elements of nature. One nameless senior who uses an electric wheelchair, told me he can understand some homeless people taking drugs to numb them through the bitter nights, as all seasons can be cold, wet or windy at night. When its snowing like now, the nights are bitter. Brr, I'm so very glad I have a warm bed to sleep in.

Society call the homeless "lost causes" etc. I simply call them homeless, because there is not enough apartments or rooms for them to rent! Besides, there seems to be a hatred for animals in rentals this side of the world. How strange, when we label dogs as "mans best friend."

If the shoe was on the other foot (and the scales can easily swing through losing ones job) then any homeowner with a suite to rent to anyone without a pet, could easily become a member of an army of homeless in Victoria, with their own pet.

You might scoff at my last remark, but it is believed we are all ONE paycheck away from homelessness.

I've actually met some homeless ex-homeowners.

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