"INNER STRENGTH" written by Starla

Produced for Starla, a friend of a friend. Read using a strong north English accent.

"Annie said I needed to start writing, so here goes....

I got it in my head one day that I wanted to do something different. I had always sat back and let the world move past me. But this particular year I wanted to do something ... anything! So I signed up to go to school to learn to drive a truck. Packed my stuff and was off to Lafayette, Louisiana. A week later Katrina hit, closing off any avenues of going back to my old job......."


lcboak said...

Jessie is a wonderful person and a great reader. I hope this is a start to a great relationship. Thanks for your work for Starla, Jessie. It's made my day, if not hers!

Jessie B. Tyson said...

Hi Linda, thank your for posting a comment. I enjoyed making her story spring to life. It was a pleasure.