Driving over the Malahat in my 19 year old car

Yesterday I drove over the notorious Malahat to attend a new writing group, the Vancouver Island Chapter of the Romance Writers of America being held in Nanaimo. I didn't think I wrote romance... but thought what the heck, I'll join. Perhaps the romance writers group will be the perfect thing to help me write the "spicy" chapters of my story better? I guess time will tell its own story.

Anyway, it was a lovely sunny morning yesterday. The birds were singing and the sun was already hot when my alarm clock woke me. After showering I ate breakfast and set off on the arduous trip for a 19 year old car. Local people would tell you the Malahat Drive is a killer. My meeting started at 11AM. While motoring up the Malahat I heard a loud noise coming from underneath my car. It was like the exhaust was about to crack open. My first thoughts were, "Oh bloody hell, what now? Maybe I should turn back." Apprehensive? Scared? Yes. My car doesn't go for a service until tomorrow.

Well, I'm a spunky little Brit, so I continued on and arrived safely. It was a great meeting with some lively members. I was glad I didn't turn back, although I worried about my return trip.

One of my cousins live in Nanaimo, so I killed two birds with one stone and went to visit her and her hubby afterwards. We had a great visit and a nice dinner together. As I had my laptop with me she asked to hear some of my audio book trailers. They both enjoyed them saying they knew why my reciting voice is popular this side of the world! How nice. I didn't arrive back in Victoria until 10PM. Boy, I was tired but I slept like a baby last night.

What a lovely day!


Anita Birt said...

I love driving the infamous Malahat. It's an easy drive if some of the idiots driving cars, trucks, tankers and huge motor homes would pay attention. Get off the phone. Don't drive when drunk. Tell the passengers not to quarrel with the driver of the car and enjoy the scenery

Anonymous said...

Jessie, what a surprise to see and hear you. You have a very impressive reading voice and I do hope that you pursue it to its fullest. I currently purchase audio books for our RV adventures and you can certainly hold your own in this area.
Believe it or not, your cousin Shirley