"AFTER THE FLOOD" written by Shane Joseph

A seven minute reading of Shane Joseph's book "AFTER THE FLOOD" to be published later this year, enjoy!

"1st July, 2012 -- formerly known as Canada Day -- we arrived at the place that was to become our new home. How do you come to terms with the familiar past being suddenly wiped out? You cannot go back to it because its under water. These last few days, I have reminisced about the great barbeques and pool parties we celebrated in what is now the Old World before the Flood, yearning for some of that familiarity. Yet now that I look back, those times were not without their flaws. The neighbours, who were great fun to be with at hockey games and such, were middle class and inscrutable. But I had considered that normal.

When they had all suddenly disappeared ........ "

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Shane said...

Good job Jessie!
It's nice to see my novel come to life under your narration - Shane