"Twice in a Blue Moon" by Marianne Paul. Read by Jessie B Tyson

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"A gift for a gift"

Excerpt: "When Aley Pierce writes, her words don’t stay on the page but spill into reality. Or so her neighbours think, who see her words as evil. Tensions escalate into an organized campaign of book banning and book burning, until Aley herself doubts who she is and what she does. A century and a half earlier, Elizabeth Barnes’ talent for water dowsing unearths a body in her neighbour’s field. Under growing accusations that she is a witch, Elizabeth is blamed for the drought that puts a stranglehold on the small farming community. But water dowsing isn’t Elizabeth’s only talent – she is a clairvoyant. Does she see the future or create it? Even Elizabeth doesn’t know. Beneath the unfolding of the blue moon, events resurface across time, and the lives of the two women interlink. Does Aley create Elizabeth, or is Elizabeth dreaming Aley?"

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