"What Heaven means to me" written and read by Jessie B Tyson

This is a story I wrote for Rosemary, an elderly member of my local writers group who is dreadfully sick. Seems the hospital cannot do any more for her now. Last week Rosemary sent members a project, asking us to write a short story about what heaven meant to each of us. When I finished writing mine I decided to turn it into a video, so she could watch it on TV in the comfort of her bed. This was when I had the pleasure of meeting her for the very first time on 9th March 2009 when I presented her with my story in person. While viewing it she nodded, smiling with approval. It was the best critique I could wish for!

The picture on my video below is me as a child. Cripes! I look like "the great toothless one!" ha.

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Jessie Tyson.

Since writing this Rosemary died. She will be terribly missed by all who knew her.

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