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A short Amazon review by Sheila Krenz :- 

5.0 out of 5 stars Intriguing tale that will draw you in ...,  2015

Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: White Heaven Women (Kindle Edition)
The author spins an intriguing tale of past lives with historical and supernatural twists that draw the reader in. Sally, the main character, has no choice but to accept the path she is on and give in to the intense experience. I could not put this novel down, and felt I was living within the unfolding drama - I could hear and sense the scenes and emotions through Jessie's crafting of this amazing story. Can't wait to read Jessie's next novel!


No new year resolutions or book adverts today, just a heartfelt greeting and a few GPS doodles.  

You might ask what are GPS doodles? I didn't know there was such a thing either until I surfed and found Stephen Lund, a guy from my city who doodles on our city map. Here is his latest creation that I hope he doesn't mind me uploading to show you. 

Click here to enjoy more of Stephens doodles. Among other creatures, he has even found sea life, a giraffe and Queen Victoria lurking round our city streets. Check them out here:- http://gpsdoodles.com

You can follow him on Twitter:- @StephenLund1 

RT #Review of WHITE HEAVEN WOMEN, by Tina

Review by Tina on July 9, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
This book is about Sally and how her present life came to be.

I loved how the author started out in present tense and then went back in time tracing back history with Sally's ancestor's explaining re-encarnation and how each character came to be. The details in each time period are very good. It made you feel you could actually picture the character in each time and place.

This is a very well written book.

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After binging this Christmas, you need stain removal @JessieBTyson

Ok, so you partied a bit too much and you spilled wine on the rug. You think the stain will not come out with just cold water and a rub. Or maybe you had too much to drink, fell over the dog. In shock, your fur baby peed on your new rug. 

Check out this 101 cleaning tips page and keep it handy because New Years is drawing close and you could erm, trip over the dog again because you didn't have "that" much to drink, right..ha. Or did your large dog deliberately trip you up...or perhaps the neighbours cat pissed your dog off so badly (as cats and dogs do) and they chased each other round the house. Of course, you came off the worse for wear...ha. Whatever your stain story, here is the link. 


I've tried most of these tips and they work!  The best thing is, the ingredients are already in our homes so we don't need to go out and buy expensive cleaners.

Don't take my word for it @JessieBTyson #Blog

So what was your Christmas day like? Head cold or not, mine was lovely. I decided to wrap up and go to our local community centre, and so glad I did. I came home with my arms full of gifts. People here were walking around the city streets giving people they didn't know gifts. It was AMAZING! 

Now its time to at least try and sell a copy or two of my book.  I'm very glad my life does not depend on it, because I am not a good book sales person...lol. I mean, why would people buy an ebook when they can get one free. Thing is my WHITE HEAVEN WOMEN story is inspired by a real families history and is well worth the money.  So don't just take my word for it go grab a copy at this link Buy one for your friends and family. 

Some say I write like Catherine Cookson. Well, I dont know about that. I'm not vain enough to agree with them BUT will say I am from as far north in England as she was. Oh, and once I rubbed shoulders with J K Rowling in a coffee shop in Scotland before she was published. (Claim to fame....) She is a really nice lady. 

My publisher has also put my paperback on sale too at CreateSpace here  https://www.createspace.com/3966486 

Its reduced to 15% using the code in the picture below. Cant beat that price, unless its free and no one gives paperbacks away. Unless they are filthy rich and I am far from that.


My bubble faced cat @JessieBTyson

Its time I took a day off. I've been hard at it for days. I have a horrid head cold so its taking a toll on this old body. Perhaps I shouldn't hang out at the poor peoples shelter as much . That place is a haven for colds and flu. So I will love and leave you for a day or so.

PS. I love the above picture but cant remember which program I used to make the bubbles around his face.  It wasn't hard, it was an automated, one click and its done thing. Anyone know the program?  

Paperbacks -15% OFF #CreateSpace code #VN8SJ9RL @JessieBTyson


15% off White Heaven Women Paperback is only available through December. Grab yours while you can. Still available as an ebook on Amazon $1.99 US!

Paperback-15% off code

Editorial reviews: 

"Jessie Tyson evokes the sights, smells, accents and atmosphere of early 20th century northern England to give us a tale of re-incarnation that marches past even our present times; a novel of hope and of the multiple chances that re-incarnation provides the soul in search of enlightenment." —Shane Joseph, author of The Ulysses Man 

"A terrifying tale of reincarnation, demons and protective blue ghosts. Debut author Jessie B. Tyson paints a literary landscape of bygone days so skillfully the main characters leap off the pages into our hearts." —Betty Dravis, best-selling co-author of Six-Pack of Blood 

"Jessie has written a fast paced book with vivid characters. The sense of place is thoroughly described and puts the reader firmly in the scene—I could imagine everything clearly. Her main character is likeable and you will find yourself wanting to know what happens next. A great book to get lost in on a rainy day." —Dionne Lister, author of Shadows of the Realm 

"Nobody knows how to entwine a novel together better than Jessie B. Tyson, as she draws us into a life with Beth, a young lady who seems to have the most complicated life and survival. Beth's path is paved with horror, suspense, paranormal, life, death, love and hate all woven together with such powerfulness, so real, so fragile, yet gripping enough to keep you on the edge to know more. I fell in love with Beth and her sharp mind, fragile body, and her warm heart, and you will too." —Peggy Grigowski, author of A Glimpse of What If

"God is not a Fairy godmother and that's not how it works!" @JessieBTyson

Hope you are having a lovely Christmas day! No, I am not editing my blog. I'm out partying..ha. (Lying, I'm in bed with a head cold..lol) 

If you really must be online today instead of having fun with friends and family then click this link to read a few reviews for my White Heaven Women.

If you really look really hard at the picture below you will find me wishing you a Blessed Christmas Day!  lol

Where WHITE HEAVEN WOMEN was 'born and raised' @JessieBTyson

Where WHITE HEAVEN WOMEN was "born and raised" in the mind of the author.

A story mostly set in England, three hundred and twenty three (323) years after 
this ancient map of Cumbria, England was produced. We are just about as far west in Cumbria as one can get without plummeting into the cold and gray Irish Sea.

#Review: 4 ★★★★ Star page turner! Based on a true story @JessieBTyson

Loved the premise of this book so it shot to the top of my TBR! Also loved the setting - Whitehaven, Cumbria - I'm a sucker for locations and this sounded like a good one! 

It's really the story of Beth - the produce of an incestuous union and the sufferer of an illness not fully understood or understood at all in those days (rather she is thought to be possessed by demons!). 

Beth and her mother are from a wealthy background but they end up in Ginns Workhouse - this part of the story I loved the best - the writer captured the grimness of such an establishment really well, I found myself shuddering at their plight on many occasions. 

Luckily, in amongst the fearsome inmates is Patrick - a Scotsman with a tragic past. I LOVED Patrick, he's a great character and in many ways I'd like the writer to conjure up his story separately, it sounds fascinating. I won't reveal any more of the story, you'll just have to read it to see if they all make it out of the workhouse but one thing I'll say, it's a page-turner. 

I raced through it and looked forward to returning to the story each day. I would have liked more dialogue in places but perhaps that's just a personal preference, otherwise it was perfect. 

In fact, it reminded me a bit of Catherine Cookson's writing and, as Catherine Cookson is a hero of mine, that's a very good thing indeed!

4 Star review by Shani - Amazon UK  

#Excerpt: "101 years young" by @JessieBTyson


Lillian addressed the group in a bold, high-pitched voice. "Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce Mrs. Beth Madeleine." She indicated the fragile elderly woman, who had smiled at Sally earlier. "She is 101 years young."

The crowd whooped and cheered.

"Mrs. Madeleine was born as a noblewoman at a remote French convent during a raging electrical storm in 1899. She was christened Lady Elisa Witherspoon. Her twin sister, Lady Sarah, died when their mother, Lady Constance Witherspoon, and the writer of these diaries, was giving birth. Sarah was killed instantly when the roof caved in, crushing her tiny body."

Amazon #review "...as fascinating story as ever I've heard." @JessieBTyson

I couldn't resist sharing this 5 Star Amazon review with you, written by Betty Gelean "nightreader"

White Heaven Women
White Heaven Women

5.0 out of 5 stars Fascinating, paranormal, and historical
This review is from: White Heaven Women (Kindle Edition)

An intriguing find, this book is definitely using a ghost writer as you will soon see. What does a 101-year old woman, a blue light, Sally Witherspane's nightmares and a psychic have in common? Much more than one might think. Sally has long planned to write a novel, and now is her chance. Sitting at her computer, she finds herself typing the night away but can't remember doing so. Working at a columnist for the White Heaven Weekly, writing should be easy ... but not that easy!

Sally is terrorized by her nightmares of hideous red-eyed monsters and screaming women in old-fashioned clothing. What can it all mean? The sounds and smells are so real, and she is always in the dream. To put even more fear in her mind, a terrific storm rages outside sending lightning crashing into trees and to the ground leaving trails of smoke. Sally is terrified of storms and this one is a whopper.

As part of her job, she has been asked to cover a past-life meeting. The psychic she has met urges her to go to the meeting, too, and to pay special attention to a woman called Lillian Canterbury, who may be able to help her understand her dreams.

What follows is as fascinating story as ever I've heard. A story which begins in 1899 in another raging storm. This is the story of 101-year old Mrs. Beth Madeleine. How, you might wonder, does this woman's story relate to Sally in the year 2000? I think you will enjoy reading this book to find out. Fascinating, paranormal, and historical, this will become Sally's story, and the debut novel written by Jessie B. Tyson. Gripping, sad, delightful, suspenseful, paranormal and an eye-opener to life in the nobility of a different generation, it is bound to captivate. I enjoyed it completely.

Betty Gelean's Blog - "Nightreader"

"What am I to do? People will shun me...." @JessieBTyson

A short excerpt from "White Heaven Women" available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback formats -  Amazon Prime members can borrow this e-book for free!

Lillian picked up a small ragged book and held it high for people to see. Everyone stretched their necks to get a better view and to take more photographs.

She placed the scruffy looking diary back onto the podium, opened its wrinkled yellow pages and spoke to the crowd. “This attention-grabbing account begins in the Whitehaven township in 1899 with these words: 'Dear diary, my mother does not know what father is doing to me each night. I’m only fourteen years of age and he hath made me with child. If I tell mamma, whatever will she say? What am I to do? People will shun me.' ”

The room fell into a tomblike silence....

Createspace:- https://www.createspace.com/3966486
Amazon US:- http://www.amazon.com/White-Heaven-Women-ebook/dp/B008SDDGV6
Amazon UK:-http://www.amazon.co.uk/White-Heaven-Women-ebook/dp/B008SDDGV6

5 Star Review   
5.0 out of 5 5 Starstars
Star Amazon Review by Shirley Lessard - Reader

"One of the best books I have read in a very long time. Jessie has the talent to reach deep inside the reader and allows the reader to open up their minds to a world that is not easy to understand or believe. Her ability to create a story line involving characters whom the reader can feel so connected to and Jessie's writing talent that touches the deep emotions inside her readers are well beyond most books sold on Amazon today. At around the 97% mark of this book, I found myself surprisingly feeling tears running down my face. I am not an easy person to reach, but Jessie, well done you did it!!! I am confident this writer will some day be on the Best Seller's List. She is already at the top of the list as far as I am concerned. Get that next book out there, my housework can wait!!" 


Yeah, I finally found my password for this blog so can get blogging once more. Will try and post regularly.

After childbearing in a remote French convent in the year 1899,  fourteen year old Lady Constance Witherspoon returned to England with her surviving illegitimate twin, Beth. Her twin sister was buried at the convent in France.



"Why did you bring the infernal thing home? I explicitly told the nuns not to allow you to return with it. Your baby is not welcome here and neither are you, if you do not marry." 
"Mother, I've informed the house staff that Beth is my cousin's child. No one will ever know she's mine." 
"Beth! You called it Beth. How dare you name her after a relative?" 
"Well, my baby's name has already been registered as Lady Elisa Witherspoon, so it cannot be changed. Besides, mother, I do not want to marry any man that I don't love." 
"Pah! Love indeed. I've told you before. Love has nothing to do with your baby being a bastard, and it will remain one unless you marry. Constance, I will not have a bastard child in my house. When you marry, we will have to tell people that your husband died in France one week after the ceremony. No one will know any different." 
Constance stuck her nose high into the air and left the room. 
"Come back here this minute, child! How dare you walk away when I'm talking to you?" 

Ingrid was cleaning rugs in the hallway and heard the fracas. She ran to tell the scullery staff. Cook was the first to realize the truth about the baby. "Oh my God, Ingrid. It's the child's own baby she's came home with. We'll have to watch our backs now. Hannah will be beside herself for sure. She'll be on the warpath for anyone who gets in her way." 
"I agree with you there, Cook. Nothing's as sure as she'll take it out on us lot. Never did I think Constance would have a baby out of wedlock. She didn't bother with men. Yes, she's fiery, and that's a fact, but she's too young to be a mother." 
"I know, Ingrid. What I want to  know is, when did she ever leave the manor to get pregnant in the first place?" 
"Hey, you're right there! I don't think she ever stepped a foot further than the garden alone." 
"Ingrid, I've just thought of something. You don't think it was the night when her father..." Her eyes widened. 
"Hmm. You got a point there, Cook. We thought he just beat her, but it makes sense. What other man's been near the girl? The male staff here wouldn't lay a hand on her."

Word about Beth escaped the manor, and all hell broke loose as the community flurried with gossip. People called Constance a common harlot. Furious about the whole affair, Hannah snarled at her daughter, "If you had listened to me in the first place and got married, there would be nothing for them to gossip about." 
"I don't care about their tittle-tattle, mother. We hardly ever see anyone, so why should I let gossip mar my joyful motherhood? Besides, they're just people from the common herd and not well-bred, as we are." 
Hannah shrieked, "Well, I care what people say! Why in precious name did you bring your infernal child into this house, when I explicitly told you not to? I knew they would  eventually discover the truth. Our family name has been blackened enough."

LIGHT AND SHADOWS by @EVazquezPerez Estela Vasquez Perez

Review written by 
This review is from: Light and Shadows (Kindle Edition)
Wow. Just wow. Estela Vasquez Perez’s ‘Light and Shadows’ is perhaps the most emotionally haunting and deeply evocative novel I’ve read in a long time—it recalls other exceptional literary masterpieces I’ve always loved, like Kashuo Ishiguro’s ‘Never Let Me Go’ or even Gabo Garcia Marquez’s ‘Love in the time of Cholera’. Nevertheless, ‘Light and Shadow’ holds its own against these more established novels—I believe it is this book’s fate to have hordes of fans in the years to come.

‘Light and Shadows’ is basically about two women and two men, whose life and love intertwine and bleed into each other’s personal space. Teresa Guzman is a struggling theatre actress, and when she gets a role of a murdered prostitute, she finds it so difficult and exhausting to internalize the required emotions. She isn’t a prostitute, let alone dead, yet she can fully relate, especially with what’s going on in her love life (or lack thereof). On the other hand, Eloisa Marquez is a professional singer who loses her will to live when her fiancĂ© dies. Hovering around them are Joaquin Solis, Teresa’s fan, and Marcos Marquez, for Eloisa. Their journey from heartache and confusion to the full blossoming of their respective love story is a breath-taking spectacle to witness.

Needless to say, Estela Vasquez Perez has written something phenomenal here—a book that deserves a much wider audience. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves reading an unforgettable story about love and loss, of struggle and redemption. Get a copy of this book today—I mean it. It fully deserves all the five-star ratings it gets.

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